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Hi everybody,

I applied to the 9 most popular schools on this forum.

My stats:

Currently a fellow at the NIH, one publication, GPA:3.7, GRE 1180 (i know this sucks), 2 years work experience.

Haven't heard back from any schools, and am beginning to get really scared. Any advice is highly appreciated. Good luck to all!

- Kay

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I applied just for the program at UNC-CH. I haven't heard a peep from them, except that my application was received. That's despite the fact that the application deadline was January 10, over two months ago. What programs did you apply to?

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I am also wondering what schools people have heard from. I heard from The University of Arizona last week, their app deadline was Jan 2nd. I'm waiting on UC Denver and U of South Carolina, but I only submitted my app to them in early Feb., so I expect that will be another few weeks at least. It is hard to get a clear idea of how long to expect to wait, even on here. Haven't figured out how to access last year's data yet.

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