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What news on the Ed. L. D. ?


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Hi, I'm Indigo. New here. I'm a wannabe Ed. L. D cohort member.

My question to the group is: What news of the current cohort? Other than an article in the Harvard Gazette (I think that's the name) where a few of the selected candidates were interviewed for the story, I haven't seen any other news about the program or the candidates. I would love to hear more about how this nascent program is running.

My professional background is in international education and I was told that that was not a field that they were currently considering; the focus is on further professional capacity building of those who are working in the K 12 system. I was however told that they could consider it in subsequent years. Anyone have any inside information on this? I live in an other country and have been working extensively in study abroad (for American students) and am currently director of a bi-national educational office. I want very much to participate in this program and the financial support they are offering is an additional extraordinary incentive.

Would love to hear from members of this group .



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