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Waiting for UMD and Penn State decision (Phys PhD)


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UMD Testudo site shows my status as "Pending decision" while Penn State website says "Under review". I emailed them, but they would not answer.

Now, It's already April, and I wonder if actually I am already rejected, and probably they simply did not bother to update my status or let me know.

Something similar actually happened in the case of two Canadian schools two years ago. It wasn't me, rather a friend of mine. They did not answered his email or update his status. He has heard not a single word from them in two years! (he had got offer from a US school, so he didn't bother anyway)

Do some of the US schools have the same trend? (In the case of my friend, he got notification from every US school he had applied to, but it was two years ago.)

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