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What are my chances for getting into PhD MechE ?


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Hi ppl

I am also in the waiting stage as most ppl here but a little bit anxious abt the results. I would like to have some feedback on the univs I have applied to. I had applied for PhD program in mechanical engineering in all the univs. Below is my profile in short

UG : Mechanical engineering in a reputed international university (CGPA : 8.5/10 approx. 3.45/4)

MS : MechE in a reputed US school with thesis (CGPA : 3.86/4)

GRE : 800(Q), 570(V) and 3 (AWA)

Journal papers : 1 (Neural computation, published) and 3 in preparation (one of my profs has mentioned abt it in the recommendation)

Conference papers/posters : 3 (All intl)

Fellowship : One from the US univ for my MS

Employment : Currently working with my prof in the US univ, previously have worked in a highly reputed univ in my country.

Below is the list the univs I applied to

1) MIT

2) UC-Berkeley

3) Cornell

4) UMich-Ann Arbor

5) Purdue

6) Northwestern

7) JHU

I would be happy to have any feedback.

Thanks in advance...

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