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Biomedical Engineering Masters - Can I get in?


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After a tough 5 undergrad years at UCLA studying Microbiology, Ive finally started thinking about what the next step in my life would be. I had a hard time at UCLA for 2 reasons, didnt really like my major and some really bad things that happened to me that I had to deal with on my own.

Anyways, so now im considering applying to a biomedical engineering masters program but Im not sure if I will get into my goal schools.

GPA- 2.7 (higher if you factor out the low grades from the classes I re-took, I know some schools only calculate the new grade, UCLA factors both)

GRE- Taking soon, expecting 800 quant., 600-700 verbal, and 5 on AW)

Research- 1.5 years as an undergrad in unrelated science (neuromuscular). 1 year post-undergrad work experience in clinical research in unrelated science.

Personal statement should be really good, talking about the hardship I went through and why it made me who I am today.

LOR- should get a good one from the PI at the research clinical I work at now, and the rest I have no idea bc I dont even think my professors would remember me unfortunately. It sucked being a face in a crowd of 300 psycho pre med students in my classes.

Would like to go to:

USC (dad is alumni)


UCLA (...)





..and open to other suggestions

About me- female, so cal resident, "other" descent

What are my chances of getting in? What can I do to boost my chances? I really would have like to have some biomedical research experience, but I dont have biomedical background ! I figured Id start out with a masters, both bc its easier to get into and to first get my foot in the door.

So, the reason why I chose biomedical engineering was because its not toootally off track from what I studied, being bio related (I dont want to throw away all the work I did during undergrad), and because I love math/logical stuff so I figured it would be the best option for me. Id like to eventually teach. I prefer college environement to work environment. I just like things that I can work on and actually SEE (like bioinstruments), things that make sense, that I can plan and do and make versus research something that I dont even know exists and maybe never find an answer to, I like math and equations and I think I am very analytical and creative. So if you guys have any other advice for me, im open to other options than just biomedical engineering too! Thanks so much ahead of time..

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