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Univ. of Illinois Urbana Champaign MS CS Admit


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I got an admit to the Masters program in CS at UIUC. I heard that nearly all students, including masters students, are funded at UIUC CS. Is this true? Any guys out there from UIUC, could you please throw some light on this?


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I go to UIUC as an undergrad, and I can tell you that every single master's student I know is funded, many with RAs.


Oh and also, they don't make a funding commitment I don't think, but it would be historic to be a master's student and not actually have funding in a given year.

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I secured an admission into MS at UIUC. I received the mail yesterday morning. It said that

"In the next several weeks, faculty members from the department may be contacting you to discuss their current and planned research and how it might be of interest to you. In addition, please feel free to contact any faculty, either directly or through the Academic Office."

and that I shall we receiving more emails regarding the offer.

Today I received another mail from them which stated this :

"At this time, we are unable to provide any funding assistance. There may be a possibility to secure a teaching or research assistantship pending availability for this upcoming academic year. There are other units on campus that may be offering assistantships if you are looking for one. "

I had filled up a CS Interest Form along with the application stating my preference of research areas that I wanted to work in and the professors I wanted to work with. I have a good cgpa and good research experience also. My toefl speaking score and overall TOEFL score is also quite good.

I read from many places that MS at UIUC is always funded and as you people also mentioned that till now there is no history of any student not getting aid for MS.

The fees for attending MS is tooo much high.

Waiting very eagerly for your reply.

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