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George Washington (GW) MPH


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I live in the DC area and am interested in MPH programs with a concentration in global health. I sent in my application to Johns Hopkins Bloomberg, but know the program is very competitive. While I have a good application, I think it's still going to be tough to get in (3.48 GPA in Intl Studies & Economics, 620V, 730Q, 6+ yrs work experience for small domestic health care companies). I am thinking about applying to the GW MPH, but can't assess if the program is worthwhile. My interest in grad school is either name brand school or mid-grade school with scholarship. If GW does not qualify as mid-grade then I would rather go a different route all together than bother applying to a bad school.

Does anyone out there know the reputation of the GW MPH? Where do their graduate go on to work?

Please help. Thanks!

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