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Writing Sample for Intl. Relations Application -Help?


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Hello All,

I'm a recent college graduate. My major was English Lit and Asian Studies with a minor in Religions. At some point during my senior year, I realized that my dream of becoming an English professor did not actually suit me.

BUT I still loved literature and happily finished my undergrad degrees and came to the conclusion that Intl Relations actually reflected my interests and life goals much better. Right now I'm in Taiwan to improve my Mandarin language skills.

Ok background stuff aside, the point of my post is that my best writing from my undergrad studies comes from my senior thesis which was focused on Asian American literature.

Can I use an excerpt of this for an IR grad program writing sample? Will they think I'm crazy?

My paper discusses a lot of things such as race, immigration, and language but it's also about analyzing the works of literature I read.

As of now I haven't prepared an excerpt for people to read but if you're interested then I'd email one to whoever contacts me.



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To be honest, I don't think that would serve very well as a writing sample for IR. Have you ever taken an IR or political science course, and if so, do you have a writing sample you could use from there? I'm not quite sure of your fit with an IR program within political science; perhaps you could look into area studies programs.

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