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SAIC writing program decisions in one week


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So I get this email from an SAIC (School of the Art Institute of Chicago) faculty member in the writing department (I'm applying for the writing program)

"As part of the admissions process, we like to have a brief conversation (10 to 15 minutes) with students who are applying, basically to see if they have any questions about the school and/or the Writing Program, especially given that the Writing Program is housed in an art school and the fact that the nature of our curriculum itself is unique, or even questions about life in Chicago."

So we talk. It really is 10 minutes, and it really is just him asking if I have any questions. I asked some stuff I already knew about so I could plug a little of my app into conversation, but he hadn't read it from what I could tell.


Why on earth would they ask me now? The deadline for turning it in was over a month ago...surely if I had any questions about the program it's too late now anyway? Surely the only burning question is: am I in or out?

Chime in please...this is driving me slightly crazy. As I'm an electronic writer, I have the pleasant ability through tracking on my portfolio to say with certainty they have accessed it twice so far.

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