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Hi everyone!

I was accepted to U Minnesota, Twin Cities for a Culture & Teaching PhD in December, and just wondered if anyone else was accepted for Fall 2011, and if you had any thoughts about the department or university in general. I've heard really great things about the Ed school, and also about the Twin CIties, but haven't been out there yet myself.


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Congratulations on the acceptance!!

I cannot speak of your dept as I come from another faculty, but UMN territories on both Minneapolis and St Paul are awesome. Although I visited the campus during one of the gloomiest weeks of January, I liked it a lot. The atmosphere was humid, and will surely be more humid during the spring and summer months. People in my dept (profs, staff, grad students) were very nice, and I don't think it is otherwise in yours. The cities around the campuses are heavily student-oriented (sports bars, restaurants, art shops, and so on), which is a huge plus in such a big metropolis. Downtown is merely 10 minutes away from the campuses. Public transportation is fantastic, and covers almost all areas where students live. I've heard a new lightrail is being built at the moment, which when done, will add more ease to commuters. Also, almost everyone rides bicycles - I myself am buying a couple (one mountain, one road) before I head out. Apparently, twin cities is the best city in the US for riding bikes, according to the Bicycling magazine, and it certainly seems to be true.

For more, feel free to browse through or ask questions in the following threads:

Hope this helps!

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Congratulations! Like bhikhaari, I'm in a different department, but my research into both the Twin Cities and the university in general has all given me very positive impressions. Have you been offered funding? The GA health plan seems extremely good. I've also been impressed with university facilities and the resources available to graduate students. The metro area is supposed be fantastic, with a wide variety of events/restaurants/culture/sports, and decent public transportation. I have several friends in the area and my spouse is originally from there, and they all say that it's a wonderful place to live.

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