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PhD program in psychology at Harvard without college degree.


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Next, why would you want to apply to a PhD program before you finish college? And no you must have a bachelors degree before enrolling as a PhD student at every University, it is a non-negotiable prerequisite....and yes you can get a PhD in three years but you would be rushing and therefore not gain as much out of the experience as the average student who stayed five and future employers may take this into account. I'm still not understanding why you're rushing everything? Are you terminally ill? I hope does not have to do with ego.--zigazowohnow

zigazowohnow, thanks so much for your response. I want to get my PhD before college because college (and all other formal education) ruins the mind. You just learn what the prof. teaches you. (I took some college courses during high school, and saw first hand.) I study, however, tremendously by myself, and discuss with people.

Also, I want to finish my PhD early so that I can go into government matters. I want to develop some theories about the mind and human nature, and then implement my plan.

Thanks, once again, for your advice.

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