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It's mid-Feb and I'm going insane bc I haven't heard a thing yet!!!

And then Friday I was trying to pick up a pizza with screaming kids and ignored a call from a number I didn't recognize--partly bc it didn't occur to me that I'd hear from a school by any other means than email. Last night I went back and checked it and noticed that it was a Boston number! Gah! I googled it and saw that it was the home number of a prof I've been on contact with at one of my schools!!!! I can't believe he didn't leave a message!!!!!!! I'm DYING here!!!!

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Ooh-- that's rough. I'm sure if the prof is interested he'll call back. He might not have left a message because it was Friday and didn't want you to try to return the call Friday evening/over the weekend. Highly likely he'll call back sometime today.

I'm starting to feel a little crazy, too. Actually, I'm starting to feel insanely nervous all the time. I was SURE I was going to hear something last week, because a professor at one of the schools I applied to said they'd be in touch with me in EARLY February. Well, guess what? IT'S NOT EARLY FEBRUARY ANYMORE! I was so convinced I was going to hear something that every time I got a new email I'd sigh in relief, thinking "here it is at last!" and then become totally desperate again when I found out the email was spam or completely inane. Then on Thursday last week I got a phone call from an unidentified number in the area code of that school! I was so excited, only to come close to throwing my phone at the wall when I found it to be a recording advertising obscure political candidates in a state in which I don't even live. How cruel is that? Come on universe, give me a break (and an acceptance or two as well, please)!

I have an interview coming up soon at my top choice school, and I'm really starting to become terrified about that. I would LOVE to go to this school and all I can think about now is how devastating it will be to get rejected after a.) loving the program so much and b.) having the opportunity to visit and fall deeper in love in person.

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thanks, guys! Feels good to have the first result an enthusiastic accept. Now I can go back to checking my email every 10 mins. lol.

And he asked if I had gotten his message, so apparently he had tried to leave one. Guess it didn't go through. *shrug*

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