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I received this email (see below) from a graduate program advisor from UGA... I am not really sure what it means but I am positive that this isnt a great sign....Thoughts? I am definitly thrown because I thought this program was a solid fit.

I wanted to let you know that the MIP graduate admissions committee reviewed your file last week and have decided to defer a decision on your application. Your application will be re-reviewed at the next committee meeting, which has yet to be scheduled but will likely be in late February.

Def would love to hear peoples thoughts.

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in my opinion, it means they can't come to a conclusion yet. they might have had better candidates than you, but they also seem to like something about you, your academics, research and so on. that's why they want to discuss your file in the next meeting. it could also mean that you have been placed in the 'medium bunch', who the school may accept, or reject - 50/50 chances. this certainly isn't a disastrous sign though. i hope things turn out well for you. good luck!

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