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Likely Offers Overload:Confused About Decision!


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Sorry for my lengthy post and ????s

I feel I may have applied to so many schools that when the offers start coming, I'd be in confusion deciding which to attend. I did apply to 3 schs in Norway, 1 in Germany, 1 in Holland, 5 in USA (OU,TAMU,TTU,UH,UAF). All in MSc Petroleum Engineering.

I'm a black intl student, did a top 1 in my class (Pet Engr).

I have been admitted by TU Delft (waiting for Faculty Scholarship before June 1), and just yesterday by Texas Tech U (with $1000 Scholarship and eligibility to make InState Tuition Payment). I have till March 31 to decide for TTU.

These are my priority schs in descending order: OU(very sure of TA/RA after 1st semester)/TAMU, TTU, TU Delft, UH, Norway Sch, Germany Sch.

My questions are:

When is the likely period am I supposed to hear from OU(U of OK, Norman with App. deadline April 1) and TAMU(App. deadline's March 31) as I'd like to know their decision before March 31 or Can I write them asking for their decision on my App or Do I ask TTU for extension beyond March 31 if I ve not heard from OU/TAMU (my top choices)?

If I get offers from OU and TAMU without funding in the form of TA/RA, Can you compare their offers to TTU's and TU Delft's (with Scholarship Offer)? Also, do compare based on employability after graduation btw OU, TAMU and TTU.

Any idea about the petroleum engineering graduate program of TTU, OU and TAMU? TAMU is best ranked, followed by OU, then TTU in 9/10th place

The States has always been my number one choice for grad studies but What If TU Delft offers me Faculty Scholarship, Any idea about TUDelft employment potential/history esp. of their petroleum engineering graduates? 2 yrs MSc at TU Delft is looking too much for me compared to USA 16-18months! My family is pretty low on funding.

Please your advise and suggestions are highly needed.

Thanks and sorry for ma long post...:unsure:

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