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Time To Call?


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Hello All,

I recently applied to the MS program in Electrical Engineering at X University. I am applying to the part-time program with no funding. I don't need funding, I don't need room and board... all I really need from this university is the opportunity to sit in their classes, learn, and be graded. I applied back in December and I still haven't heard any response and its driving me crazy. I've emailed the general graduate studies department but they just brush me off with the generic, "your application hasn't been reviewed" response. I want a little more detail as to whats going on. Is it too much to call the Electrical Engineering department directly? I don't want to seem pushy or overly forward, but its a very important issue to me. Thank you for your advice!!

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When did you e-mail? If it has been more than a few days or a week, I would call. It's April 3. There are 12 more days before you have to decide. You can't wait much longer.

To my understanding ... the reason for the April 15th deadline is due to the need for certainty associated with federal training grants/fellowship etc... but if the funding source is from the professor's own research grant, the offer can come anytime... especially if the professor's grant has dried up and is waiting for a new grant to be approved before being able to bring in a student.... Jun/Jul is the time when the results of the new grant would be known. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Well in this case, the professor might not take in any students at all!

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