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How to lookup state-of-the-art


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in my university life, I regularly have to research new research areas (which of course are all related to computer science). Often, I spent days and weeks compiling a state-of-the-art for an article or something similar. Unfortunately, reviewers criticized more than once, that important literature was missing. Now I wonder how to avoid this.

What are your strategies when examining a new field? Any suggestions are highly appreciated!

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Hi Aladdin,

I use the "related work" section in papers to navigate backwards in time (i.e. finding out about the work that occurred before some paper was published), and Google Scholar to navigate forwards in time (i.e. finding out about the work that occurred since some paper was published).

This way you can find out basically all the related papers if you know a single paper.

Of course it takes a significant amount of time to understand the contributions of all the papers, but at least you can be confident that you're not missing any citations.



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