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CMU v/s UPenn


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Which one is better as a course- CMU's MSIT ebiz or UPenn's MSE Comp n Info Sci?

I have to make a decision soon, as I'd then have to deposit UPenn's acceptance advance. (UPenn's rolling admission and CMU's early decisions require me to deposit a non-refundable fee in advance. I hv deposited CMU's advance, as the decision was announced way before any of my other results. But since I do have an option in case of UPenn, I'd like some advice in choosing the better option).

Overall rankings and CS MS rankings:

UPenn- 5, 17

CMU- 23, 1

Both have good repo, good rankings and nice courses. Which makes the choice even more difficult!

I also have a call from RPI's MSIT. The course they are offering is really good too. But I still have some time to think about it..

Waiting for more results..


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