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H1-B Visa question

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Hey guys,

I currently work in the US on an H1-B Visa, and am waiting to hear back from grad schools. I plan to resign from my job soon though wanted to make sure I had enough time to visit any schools I may be admitted into, and just wrap up my life here before moving on to the next thing.

I've heard a range of answers for how long a H-B visa holder can remain in the US after resignation from his/her job. I've heard that one should leave immediately after the last day on the job, and I've heard that there's a 2 week grace period.

Does anyone know what the official policy is? Has anyone checked this with a good source?

Thanks for the help!

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I think the official word is 28 days, or roughly a month. They give you that time to get your affairs in order. As someone whose work visa in the US was not renewed, I know a little about it!

PM me if you'd like more info! Good luck!!

Thanks oiseauaudio! Just sent you a PM with a follow up question...thanks again!

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