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Is anyone taking or considering taking classes through distance learning? Not just a few classes but 100% DL? If so is it working out well? Pros vs cons? Probably have to ask each school, but it's still out of state tuition right?

I'm considering it for a few reasons like staying near family, moving costs or preferred subject not offered in my state.

Before I start approaching schools, I was just hoping to get some feedback. Anything will help. Thanks in advance!

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If I end up going for my MLIS degree, then it will be 100% DL. I can't exactly relocate and it would be nice to be able to work while getting the degree. I can't really speak of the Pros and Cons because I have not yet enrolled, but I imagine that they go something like this:

Pros: Flexibility, Ability to hold down a job, no commute

Cons: Limited interaction with peers (and professors), limited instruction (must be able to read and comprehend), time management

As far as tuition goes, it varies from one school to the next. The online programs (ALA accredited) with the most affordable out of state tuition that I have seen are Wayne State University, Clarion University, University of Alabama, and San Jose State University.

Some schools also offer a special rate for online students that is somewhat less than out of state tuition, but still not quite as low as in state.

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I really don't know. I considered School Library Media, but upon seeing all of the requirements and the extra money that would go into education courses, I've pretty much written it off. I'm considering doing a Digital Libraries specialization, or just doing general studies and focusing on the technology heavy aspect of the program. I think that being more tech friendly would give me an edge in the job market, and the skills you learn from it are easily applied to fields other than libraries.

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