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Emory ILA rejection day - Feb 16


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Well, apparently yesterday was rejection letter day for those that applied to Emory's Institute for Liberal Arts, the interdisciplinary Ph.D. program. Though I was among them, I have some consolation to offer everyone else who was rejected yesterday. When I met with the head of the department last year, he told me that they had over 100 applications for 3-5 spots. Doing the math, that is (along with Emory's philosophy department and GDR) the worst acceptance rate of any department I've ever applied to.

The stats that I've seen of the people who get in vary so much that I know it's not just a matter of a particular GRE cutoff or what have you. My impression is that this has recently become a more competitive program - perhaps the most competitive for this type of program?

Anyway, I saw a lot of other folks who were rejected along with me yesterday... and since I had some inside information that may make everyone feel a little less jilted, I wanted to try and help

best of luck to everyone

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