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HKS: Good GRE & GMAT but Low GPA--Chances???


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Hello people,

I'm an international applicant. No governement work ex but excellent management work ex- 7 years in Marketing/ Brand Management. Strong GRE (750 Q & 710 V) & GMAT (720 AWA 6). Undergrad is problematic, especially year one (fell ill for a while) and have A & A+ in most my post grad papers after that. How would you guys rate my chances? Have applied only for MPP at HKS.

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Hey thanks...VERY Bad...undergrad in liberal arts. No quant at all. Quasi Management education post that. VERY good managerial experience in fortune 10 company. My pitch has been that I want to 'act as a bridge between private and public spheres' in my country- a very fast and rapidly developing economy whre this sort of policy talent is sorely needed. Strangely, they don't even seem to have interviews!!

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