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so u got in, now what.. funding your MSW+living expenses


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any past MSW students have some insight on supporting yourself through grad school? I am praying for some sort of fellowship or work study opportunity, so I don't have to take out more loans!!

is it possible to do with a full time MSW program? Both the schools I applied to are in state, so tuition is relatively cheaper, but even with that, I do not want to take out more loans. Not to mention, LA and SF area is not exactly cheap!

thoughts? advice? comments?

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Social work programs are never well funded, regardless of where you are. That's simply the reality of this profession. Taking advantage of state resident tuition fees will help you plenty.

Otherwise, in terms of fellowships, while I do not know of anyone that has gone to social work school with a fellowship, I don't think they are nonexistent, but they are hard to come by. Depending on the field work placement you get, if it is possible, perhaps you can see if the organization offers some sort of fellowship or scholarship opportunity. Often, these come with work requirements (i.e. you must work for them for some period of time after you graduate), which is why these already rare opportunities are given to 2nd year MSW students who are already set in their track and concentration.

I'm currently doing my 1st year field placement with work study, where I basically get paid an hourly wage for my work. I don't know if all programs offer this, but it is definitely worth taking up with your program. Keep in mind that with work study, the money is not given to you upfront (along with any scholarship or loan money you are offered) towards your tuition bill, but basically a paycheck you get per pay period.

Good luck!

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