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Too late to e-mail professors?


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I have been accepted in two universities for (Fall 2011) PhD program. I haven't e-mailed any professor as mentioned in respective department websites (not to e-mail professors before admission and disturb them). I'm in two minds now to e-mail or not. I don't want to create an impression that I'm contacting them after admission only for a job/money!

I wonder if it is too late to e-mail professors for research work with them.

Let me know what you think and help me decide!

Thanks all.

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Now would be a perfect time to call. They accepted you so as a department they want you. Plus, how can you decide on which school without contact?

Thanks for the reply!

I didn't want to give a negative impression so though that way. I was planning to write an e-mail mentioning my interest and including attachments of relevant work. Will soon post it!

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Maybe you should hold off actually attaching anything to the email yet! Most professors have limited email quota on their emails ( not to mention time ), so maybe you should give a short overview of what you did and ask them whether they would like to receive those attachments before actually sending them.

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