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Medill vs. others for broadcast?


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Hi everyone!

I'm going back to school for Broadcast Journalism! I applied to Mizzou, Medill, SU Newhouse, and Arizona State

I found out last week I got into Medill!

SU has always been my first choice becuase of broadcasting-specific reputation (and sports reputation) as well as close to where I grew up, but now that I am into Medill I feel Iike am going to be very torn if I get accepted into Newhouse.

Medill seems to have such a prestige that I feel like it might be the better choice for getting a job afterwards -- but at the same time I have an inkling Newhouse's program could be a better fit for me because it's more technical and has a bit more structure. But Medill's reputation is amazing and I think I could get an amazing education there too -- and probably a better overall journalism education, with maybe not quite as much broadcast support, but I just don't know!

of course I havent gotten into SU yet but im already sweating the choice for some reason, any opinions are most welcome!

btw, I havent heard a peep from Mizzou either as I read in earlier posts, and haven't heard from Arizona either although now that I'm into Medill I think both those options are out anyways

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