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TA/RAing and tuition allowances.


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Hey guys!

I was recently admitted into Stanford PhD program, but I'm on the waitlist for financial aid. I likely won't be able to matriculate if I cannot have some form of compensation for tuition and living expenses.

I was reading up on Stanford's RA and TA TAL (tuition allowance) and it SEEMS like if I have a 50% TA or RA for a certain quarter, then the tuition for my department will be completely paid FOR THAT QUARTER. I would then need to maintain the 50% TA/RA for each of the quarters in order to accrue enough TAL to pay for the year's tuition.

For those who know or have experience with Stanford's RA/TA TAL system, can you confirm my analysis? Any help would be appreciated, as I would very much like to matriculate to this program.

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You didn't tell us which program you applied to, and I imagine that funding policies vary from one program to the other. The best thing to do is contact people in that program and ask - the grad secretary is one option, current students in another. They will know the ins and outs of the funding system much better than people on this forum will.

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I'm thinking that with RA/TA you are limited to 3 classes per quarter. It takes longer to progress because of this. Those with fellowships or full funding can take 5 classes if really motivated and progress faster. I could be wrong but I know people who were restricted.

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