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aag conference 2011


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i am so broke. is there a way to get in for free at the conference. do they actually check id? i went to some conferences where you could just walk in

I would strongly advise you not to attempt to get into the AAG without registering. While the high prices are seemingly exclusionary for those of us who do not have disposable income, the prices are set to cover costs of the conference which is an important meeting for furthering the field of geography. Our field has a history of struggling to be recognized among other disciplines- to attend the meeting without paying for registration (or seeking scholarships/grants) is to undermine the progress and achievements we have made as a discipline.

IDs are worn throughout the conference and the logo/header is often changed to prevent plagiarism/fraud.

There are ways to attend the meeting without paying the full cost, the best is to volunteer or to apply for a scholarship/grant through the website. See: http://www.aag.org/c...ence_volunteers and http://www.aag.org/c...g/grants_awards

Unfortunately it seems as though the deadlines for both have passed. Also, if you are in a graduate program departments will sometimes have funding available to grad students who wish to attend/present at conferences.

I hope you are able to get to the meeting if not this year then next. Good luck!

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