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What're your research interests?


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What are your research interests?

I'm most interested in theology, but also a bit of biblical studies. I like political theology, postliberal theology, liberation theology, radical orthodoxy, Nouvelle Théologie, philosophical theology, theurgical neoplatonism, etc. I'm most interested in political and social theory, with a particular emphasis on economic theory. I like Stan Hauerwas, John Milbank, Charles Taylor, William Cavanaugh, John Ruskin, and those types.

Coming from a philosophy background, my interests are interdisciplinary, and include critical theory, Marx, Foucault, metaphysics, postmodern philosophy, hermeneutics, philosophy of language, and such. I'm really interested in exploring the intersections of theology with this area of disciplines, and its application to cultural studies and critique.

How 'bout you guys? :D

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