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has anyone applied to this/gotten in? i'm interested in applying, but not really sure if i have the profile they're looking for just yet. ive done a bunch of museum internships and will have my masters at the end of the year and would like to do the curatorial program. i know it's super competitive to get into tho--is this more of a once you're a big deal kind of a program? should i try and get more than internship experience under my belt before applying? any insight would be helpful.


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I knew someone who got in about 6 years ago - he had a few short articles published, curated a few local shows, finished his MA... and he got in! Not a huge profile at the time. He's a really good writer, currently doing a PhD in NY.

Also knew someone who got into the studio program, similar creds.

You never know who your competition is, it's almost always worth applying.

Not sure where you're located, but have you tried publishing any writing, or applying somewhere to curate a small exhibition?

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