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Hi, I'm new to the forum and wanted to inquire about specialties within the library science profession. My career goal is to work as an East Asian librarian at a university library, and I am now on my way to gaining fluency in both Japanese and Chinese. It would be awesome to enroll in a MLIS/East Asia dual degree program, but I want to keep costs down as much as I can and none of my in-state universities offer that particular pairing (I'm from Texas by the way).

Should I just grit my teeth and pay for the dual degree, or are there other options for me? I've been thinking about enrolling in a general library science program and then getting my East Asian degree later (I've heard that some colleges let their librarians enroll in classes for free, is that true?). Would some schools without dual degree programs support me in an independent study? Also, if anyone is currently doing librarian studies/East Asia and would like to share their experiences, I would love hear more about that field.


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2 of the librarians I work with (in university archives/special collections) are taking courses for free toward additional graduate degrees. The degrees are directly related to the collections they work with, I don't know if that was required of them to or not. It is possible (and precisely what I hope to do)!

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