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Deferring an Accept?


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So I have one accept at a program I really like, but has poor funding. I'm waiting for the other three, which I expect will have fabulous funding, and one of wh is my top choice. If I get accepted there, this whole conversation will be moot. BUT if I don't get accepted, I have Fall Back School.

I really do love Fall Back School. The major problem is money. They don't have much. Probably not even to cover tuition (for a PhD!). But the program is growing and getting more university recognition. The prof I'm in contact with said that finances will likely improve in the near future. And a student I talked to said they accepted a bunch of people last year with some money, not expecting that all would come, and all did come, so they blew their budget. (granted, that's a student report)

Money aside, I believe the program is a good fit. Do you think it would inappropriate to ask them to defer my acceptance until next year when they could offer me a better financial package? I could be fine with just tuition covered and a TAship to cover incidental expenses and childcare, since I have a wonderful, loving, supportive spouse who could cover our family's cost of living. So I don't think I'm asking for the moon.

Do people ever do this? defer acceptance?

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