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NYU Wagner with a new born


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I was just accepted to NYU Wagner with a pretty generous merit scholarship and I am trying to decide what to do!

My wife and I are expecting our first child this June and we would have to move to New York in late July or early August. I would also have to leave my job (I am a small business owner) and our families in Florida. Has anybody attended Wagner or any other graduate program in NYC with a new born? I also applied to Columbia SIPA and have not heard yet, but I doubt I will get as good an offer from SIPA as I did from Wagner if I do get accepted. My wife and I have both spent a lot of time in NYC over the years and have many friends in the city so I am not worried about culture shock as much as being overwhelmed with having a baby in a new city and living on just one income (my wife is a RN). Any stories of experience with this or feedback would be much appreciated. i am really curious about day care arrangements and living arrangements. I am also curious to know if anybody has any experience with the NYU housing service that assists in locating housing for students.

Any feedback or tips would be greatly appreciated. Good luck to everyone!



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