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Sociology PhD Updates?


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So, now that it is March I am thinking, negatively of course, that it is rejection month. There are a few schools I just haven't heard from that I haven't seen many postings on either. Johns Hopkins? Duke?

Anyway, I'm just curious how everyone else is doing at this exhausting point in the process?

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Same boat here... Only rejections and silence on my end. :-( I didn't apply to Johns Hopkins or Duke but I'm still waiting [for rejections] from Boston College and UI-Chicago. I called Boston today and they said they'll be in review... until April.

I'd say my mood varies on the spectrum of hopeless and exhausted ---------> Tearing my hair out.

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I was rejected from one school and waitlisted for TWO schools. I am still waiting to hear from one school and am really hoping to be accepted so that I can at least have a definite option. Regarldess, it looks like this process will go into April. One more month of this torture seems unbearable. It will be soooo much worse if I don't get accepted to the school I am waiting to hear from. Seriously, I don't know how I will survive.

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