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Recieved 2 emails from potential supervisors at same school


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Hi all,

I have received 2 emails from potential supervisors at the same school over the last 2 days. One asked to schedule an interview, and the other asked if our research interests are similar. I am interested in both offers but am not ready to make a decision on who to work with yet. I haven't received an acceptance or rejection from this school nor any of the others that I have applied to. Should I tell both Prof's that I'm interested and see what happens? I don't want to be rude by being in contact with both and eventually having to chose one (or another school altogether...). What should I do?

Thanks in advance!

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You can email both professors, and talk about research possibilities in their department. You can and should mention about talking to other professor at the same department, plus about your pending applications at other schools as well. As honest and forthcoming you are, they will understand the situation better, and will appreciate you for letting them know of the situation. Even if you end up at another school, you will have maintained a good relationship with both professors at this school. Or if you attend this school, then the guy who you won't be working with will know that you chose the other guy, just like you told before. Just be honest about the whole ordeal, and you will be fine.

I was offered research position and funding by two profs at my top choice school, and I am going to have to choose only one. I am certain that the other professor will not hold any grudge against me, because 1) he knows that I am being offered funding by two profs, and 2) he (and most other professors) have gone through this process a number of times already - they know what to expect.

So, you will be fine. No worries! :)

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