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PRIME Program in Brown


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i also got admitted at northeastern (in boston),UCL(in london) and KTH (in stockholm) in similar programs. i am still waiting for nyu to answer me, but i have a feeling they will accept me.

the program: i have understood that this program takes people from engineering and cs backgrounds, and teaches them a bit of finance, a bit of management, and a bit of business planning which are the things we lack. all of these MScs are new(i think prime first started in 2007) so noone really knows how good they are. i guess i should choose which uni i should go to considering how strong the universities are in both business and engineering

does anyone have any suggestions?

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Hey Fotism

Well I got some information from a faculty member. The program is 2 years old. The first batch had an outgoing class of 6. The second batch will have an outgoing class of 13 (this year). For the session starting in the fall, they said the class size will probably be the same.

I actually did not apply for similar programs anywhere else, just came across this one and it seemed like it dealt with a lot of things that I want to deal with in grad school. What exactly are the programs at those other school? Anyway, I got your pm and have added you on msn. Talk to you there.

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Hi, I am going to be in the Prime program this year... Anyone want to meet up? I live in Tiverton, and work in Pawtucket. Thanks!

care to offer some more information in regards to this? I'm assuming they dont offer any scholarships, however for the people that got accepted, care to shed some light on what your educations background was, major, GPA, GRE, etc?

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