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USC Leventhal school of accounting and general questions


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Hey guys, I'm Nora and new here!

My story and concerns:

I went to st. john's uni (ny) my freshman yr for criminal justice and made a lowly 2.43 gpa, then I went to a comm. college for 2 yrs, now I go to a 4 yr public uni that is a 4th tier uni and I'm a double major in accounting and finance, w/ a minor in psychology. I'm taking/will take statistics and econ classes b/c I've read that b-schools look for a strong statistics/econ background

My CGPA right now is a 3.3, but I have 3 F's on my transcript and my college allows up to 2 repeats so 2 of the F's aren't calculated into my gpa. If I calculate all the F's, my gpa is a 3.16. Well I still have about 83 credits left to take, so since I've been a mostly A student (the only reason I was able to bring my GPA up), I anticipate my CGPA being somewhere around a 3.4ish if I take all grades in to account, but if I go off my uni's repeat policy I will probably have a 3.5ish, which makes me eligible to graduate with honors. Plus my uni gpa is a 3.53 right now.

I REALLLLLLY want to go to USC Leventhal School of Accounting. I talked to an admissions officer and he said that they look for at least a 3.0 but a 3.3 - 3.4 is a good gpa and that I should aim for a 650+ gmat. I hope to exceed all those expectations. I bought a copy of America's best grad schools and according to USC and US News, the average undergrad GPA is 3.3 and they're avg gmat is somewhere in the high 600s (don't remember off the top of my head).

I was in 3 extracurricular activities my freshman year, including a leadership position and my stint at comm. college I was Phi Theta Kappa and another club. At my new uni, I'm in a co-ed business frat, a business club, and I've done internships and plan on doing more.

Now here's my questions:

Does it really matter that I went to a fourth tier university? I applied to the college closest to my house, since I didn't want to dorm and it's a half hr away.

Will the F's affect me a lot? I repeated all the classes for B's. I got an F in philosophy, an F in anatomy and Physiology, and an F in introduction to accounting. The accounting class was an online course and I didn't understand anything, but obviously I did way better in the classroom.

Do grad schools use the GPA from the final transcript, or calculate all grades, or do they just use my uni gpa (not including transfer work)?

Does anyone here go to or applied to the Leventhal school?

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