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Where did you not yet decide to go?


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Yes, that subject is a parody of the other thread, and I clearly could have phrased it better. But, you know, nobody is reading this forum anymore anyway, so why not?

I have two schools still telling me that I should hear back from them anytime now (and have been saying that for about a month), as well as three other offers that look like they might well work. I know the decision is near, and that things will be great. But April 15 was supposed to end all this trepidation and waiting. I should have known it was too good to be true that things would be finalized by April 15.

Is there anyone else out there who still has no real idea where he/she is going in the Fall? Any horror stories about departments who just refuse to give you any hints as to when you will hear back?

Yes, there is a whole forum for this. But c'mon, we like to think globally and act locally, right? :!:

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I have to wait til May 2 or possibly later to hear if CUNY Grad center will accept me off the waitlist or not. I know it must be tough for those waiting to hear from a few or more schools like you are Quarex, but to be honest, is hard to feel too sorry for ya with all those pickens. I only applied to three schools, since these were the only programs I really cared for. Now I'm down to the last. It would be great if all schools adhered to the national april 15th deadline and if there was a waitlist deadline as well that was national.

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Oh, I know it. I am very thankful that this entire process worked out even in its comparatively limited manner. I can go merrily plant myself ~$100k in debt for a fully unfunded education, but at least have a great time in the process! It would just be nice if I knew which city's economy I was going to go throw my $100k in debt into!

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