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Does anyone know anything about Columbia's funding (or lack thereof). I know it's notoriously nonexistant, but I was just offered admission, told I wasn't nominated for institutional aid, but I may still be considered for funding based on need. I filled out all the appropriate financial aid forms on time. This is making the decision's process all the more confusing... Needless to say, thrilled that I was offered admission! would just like to hear any feedback on this. Please help... anyone.

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yea, ur right in hearing that its virtually nonexistant. Im a PhD student there, 1st year. This year I have my tuition covered in full by a minority scholarship, but i already have it on good authority that it will not be renewed next year (i think its a ploy to suck you into the program as a first year...apparently next year i'm not a minority anymore, ha!). soooo hopefully ill be getting some of these outside fellowships ive applied for! although it might vary depending on program. good luck!

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