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Harvard Statistics vs Stanford ms&e


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Hi all,

I got accepted to masters programs at Harvard (Statistics) and Stanford (ms&e), and I have some difficulties choosing between

the two. The thing is that I'm an international (french) student, and I'm not sure about the reputation of both schools in the US..

I have listed a few criteria to help me in my choice, so maybe those of you who now the two programs can help me out:

- Quality of education?

- How are master student considered (I mean are we considered like second-class students, or are we taken seriously?)

- Quality of grad life (housing, places to hang out, events, ..)?

- Are people friendly, open?

- How is the alumni network, is there a good career center for non academics?

- Reputation of both universities (overall? in the specific field?)

- Which degree will be the more valuable?

- Any other criterion I did not think about?

Oh, and I don't know exactly what I want to do afterwards, so the traditionnal Tech -> Stanford, Business -> Harvard doesn't really hold..

PS: sorry for the spelling but english is not my first language..

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