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Help me choose! MPP/MPA between USC, JHU and Georgetown


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Hi Dear all,

I am senior student from China. I am right now being accepted by USC, JHU and Georgetown. But I really can't make the decision..

The details are as follows:

USC MPA Scholarship $17,000 each year, which means I only have to pay $13,000 for tuition. But I prefer MPP to MPA and I don't know the job opportunities in LA for international students can be. I want to enter private firms and consulting.

JHU MPP Scholarship $21,000 each year, which remains $18,000 to pay. It's not SAIS, but the Institute for Policy Studies.(MPP program), Does anyone know this program? It is a new one so I can't get much information about it.

Georgetown MPP No scholarship. And financial conditions is one of my largest concerns. I also would like to know the job opportunities in DC for international students. How is it compared to LA?

BTW, how much is the living expenses in the three cities respectively? Thanks a lot~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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