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How to Affect Public School Methods and Curricula?


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I'm just finishing up a BA in anthropology and starting to consider post-graduate options. I'm definitely more in the realm of cultural anthropology as opposed to biological or archaeological and I can't say I'm fascinated by indiginous issues. One thing I am interested in, however, is public education systems. Obviously, getting some sort of post graduate degree in education would help my chances of someday being in a position to influence curricula and methods of teaching but I believe that the anthropology is a great discipline for critiquing public education.

I've looked at a bunch of post graduate programs ranging from applied anthropology, public administration, etc., and haven't managed to find anything that seems really suited to my interest in public (specifically k-12) education. Does anyone have any ideas on what direction I should go in? Whether its a more academic route where I'd be examining systems of education cross-culturally from an anthropological perspective or a more practical one where I could eventually have some influence on the Canadian public school system, I would be grateful for any input.

Also, this is my first post and I haven't even poked around these forums so I hope I'm not somehow being an internet re-re.

Thanks in advance,


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