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Drexel's MPH Program?


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I just received an automated email to apply to Drexel's program, app fee being waived. Still haven't heard back from my other schools, and I know absolutely nothing about Drexel aside from its awful location in Philly. Anybody out there have some knowledge of the program?

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Drexel's program is very good and is overall a top university, especially in the sciences. You will have tons of opportunity for work experience in Philly because the city is dilapidated and broke. I was considering applying there because I am a native Philadelphian, and even though I grew up in the city, I was still wary about attending university down there. But I have actually changed my thoughts about it. The area isn't that bad as long as you stay in University city area or you could live in the suburbs and commute which isn't bad (I drive to the city all the time and live a total of 4 miles from Drexel in the suburbs, but you'll be surrounded by all the colleges (Upenn, Drexel, Jefferson) which has much security... just stay away from the cracked out neighborhoods.

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