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Physics PSU or GIT?


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Hello, everyone! I am considering two offers: Physics in Penn State University and in Georgia Institute of Technology. And I plan to study condensed matter theory.

Condensed matter physics in PSU seems better than in GIT. However, I got a RA position from a good advisor in GIT. I am not sure if I can have an equivalently good (or even better) advisor after one-year rotation in PSU. What is worse, I am not sure whether I should continue my research career as a faculty member or take a job in industry. So in this way, I feel PSU may give me more opportunities and time to think.

Also, does anyone know about life in these two locations? The living expenses, public transportation and climate?

Thank you.

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Personally´╝î how I wish you could accept PSU and decline Gatech. I am on the waiting list of Gatech, so you can recommend me. hahahahaaaaaaa.... just a dream.

i heard, PSU is in a safer city. if want to study CMP, psu definitely is a better choice. of course, it also depends on the direction you want to study.

as to the living expen, climate, i have no idea.

last year, one of my friends decline PSU and accept Gatech.

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I think I am very lucky to get the offer from PSU, because this year the number of offers to my department increases to three. If it only give us two offers, just like last year, I could not get one.

However, I got a RA from Gatech, the advisor is a very good professor.

So it is really hard to choose between the two...

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