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Dreaded Waitlist


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I've been waitlisted at one of my top choice MA programs and I found out early on (mid-February). I was hoping that meant I would hear one way or another before April but now I'm starting to wonder... is it possible I might not hear anything until after April 15th? I was accepted into another program, which obviously wasn't my first choice, but I'm not sure I want to throw that option away waiting to hear about my waitlist status. I'm also not sure I want to plunk down a $400 deposit before I know whether or not I have a chance at getting into the other program.

Any advice?? Anyone else in the same boat??

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I am probably going to decline an offer of admission in the next day or two. I wish I could have made a decision earlier, but waiting on some schools + external factors have really been making it tougher than I thought to decide. So, if one of these programs is your top choice, don't give up hope! And if it's not, I assume they waitlisted you for a reason, and hopefully everything should resolve itself soon. You still have a few weeks until April 15th, so no need to rush into a decision yet. Good luck!

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