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Student loan for TU Delft fall 2011


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I am a US citizen and received my letter of admission for Masters in Architecture at TU Delft. It was nothing but excitement until I sat down to find means to pay for it. I spoke to FAFSA but Delft is not under their list of institutions, and most banks provide student loans only to US universities or FAFSA approved institutions, nothing but a endless cycle.

Can anyone recommend a program or an institution lending money for schools in The Netherlands?


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Hi agfe, I received an acceptance letter to TU Delft's Master in Urbanism. Unforfunately, I haven't had any luck finding a loan. Wow! financing grad school in The Nethelands is going to be more difficult than I initially thought. I'll keep searching. Please let me know if you find anything.

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Hi Margo,

I checked Sallie Mae, Wells Fargo and other banks, they will only loan to a limited list of schools. No one seems to have Delft on their list. I sent an email to the university and they had no idea. I really want a US Citizen currently attending Delft to let me know what institution lends the money for dutch schools.

As soon I can find something, I'll posted...please let me know anything you find.

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