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For those of you still waiting to hear from Arizona, here is an email I just received from them:

"Thank you so much for your application to the Rhetoric, Composition, and the Teaching of English program. The admissions process, as you probably know, can be a complicated and anxious time; I appreciate your patience. The good news is that you are one of the top 15 applicants to RCTE--a very select group and a small percentage of the total number of applicants to our competitive program. Where the difficulty arises is with the amount of funding we have to offer. Funding is generally offered by way of a Graduate Teaching Assistantship (GAT), which provides our students with the opportunity to teach throughout their graduate careers. In RCTE, we view teaching as integral to our work, not only as a means of professional growth and experience, but also as it connects the research that students do to practical work in the world--the cycle of praxis that is so valued here and that makes RCTE so unique. Because of this, we make every attempt to fund each student who is admitted, and to only admit those applicants we can fully fund.

At this point we have not yet been able to obtain funding for you. It is possible that in the next several weeks we will be able to secure a GATship for you; if we do, we will immediately offer it to you along with full admission into the graduate program."

I'm assuming that not only RCTE but also the English Department at large is experiencing serious budgetary restraints. So, if you haven't heard from them, I'm guessing you're in a similar situation--basically, admitted without funding, i.e., rejected :)

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