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UBC MA Econ vs UBC(sauder) MSc in Finance


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Hello everyone,

I am wondering what everything thinks about a decision between two offers. Any comments would be appreciated!

UBC MA Econ: 15k funding (fellowship + TAship), one year program.

UBC (Sauder) MSc in finance: 11k from TAship, 2 year program


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This is an interesting 'which to choose' because it actually involves 2 different programs at the same school. This takes things like location off the table. Well, I don't know anything about these programs or about your interests or goals, but it seems to me the obvious difference between the two is one is more academic (MA econ), the other more professional (finance).

Which one better fits what you want to do? I assume that an MA in economics is a prelude to a PhD in economics, whereas the MSc in finance, especially since it's within Sauder (school of business, right?) is followed by either an MBA or straight into the financial industry or the like. How do you conceive of yourself?

On just the funding and program length alone, I'd go with the MA.

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