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U Michigan vs SAIS vs Duke-Sanford vs SIPA


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I was really lucky this admission cycle and was admitted into really great programs. The problem now is that I have to choose!

U Mich. is a strong program, very quantitative, and they gave me a full ride + health insurance + a very generous stipend. I would graduate with no debt and will be free to either go into the private or public sector--though I'm sure I will probably go into the private sector.

SAIS is in DC, so there are more networking and internship opportunities. I received a small fellowship from them (12K) but DC is expensive, and I'm afraid of taking on too much debt. I was accepted into the IDEV program, which is highly competitive and suited towards my interests, and because I want to go into consulting, it seems like the perfect place to be.

Sanford is also a strong program, although I'm not sure how strong their global policy program is. The good thing is that it's warm (I'm from Hawaii, and from my undergraduate experience in Boston, the cold really is problematic. Not impossible for me to deal with, but it does affect my mood and ability to hunker down and study). Received an 18K fellowship + assistantship.

SIPA is also a great program, but I received no funding.

I'm interested in going into consulting, looking at Booz Allen Hamilton, Chemonics, and the like where I can focus on issues of food insecurity, poverty, international development.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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