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Anyone going to Monterey Institute for International Studies, MIIS, starting fall 2011? I will be doing International Policy Studies with a concentration in International Development. :)

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@ benegyll

Hey! I'm leaning toward MIIS right now, too, in regards to this fall, 2011, for their MA in nonproliferation and terrorism studies. Word on the world wide web is it's the creme de la creme in NPT programs. What area of research are you interested in cultivating? Have you heard anything about MIIS that you haven't been able to find open-source?


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Squawk to you too!

Good to hear from someone else considering MIIS. Yeah, I've heard a lot of good about MIIS in regards to nonproliferation/terrorism. My friend studies it at King's College in London and according to people there it's the "only" other place to go. So that should be a heads up to you :)

I am more interested in development, exactly what area I'm undecided on so far. My bachelor's degree is a more general International Politics, so I'm looking forward to specialising more on development and finding "my" area within that field. MIIS seems to be the place to be, especially because of the different internships, workshops and other things offered in addition to normal classes. I also love languages, and at MIIS I would be able to keep learning Spanish. And I love that it's a small school. What are your main reasons for wanting to go? Where are you from?

Have you applied yet? I am waiting for my scholarship news, been told that I will find out in mid-April. But I think I've decided to go either way, might send in my reply one of these days to be able to join the private Facebook group for new students ;)

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@ benegyll

That's encouraging news from your friend at King's. I was part of the Cambridge College Programme from America four years ago, and the experience was as enriching as it was enlightening, cultivating a great deal of respect for British academia since. Does your friend know anything about intelligence opportunities regarding MIIS (or King's), or do you think MIIS is more a research school?

International development as a broad program has been relatively slow of growth lately, but if you concentrate on sustainable energy needs (for non-industrial nations) or something to do with the green revolution (advanced industrial nations or NICs) <http://www.usaid.gov/press/frontlines/fl_jun10/p13_science100620.html> I'm sure you'll be able to find a job. And bilingualism in Spanish will give you an abundance of freedom in your options for job placement, too. The Spanish-speaking world is growing, especially here in the States as a pan-American arrangement looms on the political horizon. Monterey's language requirements are challenging, but they're a welcomed addition to the curricula, due to their sterling reputation. Good luck! It will be an exciting career, that's for sure!

Despite MIIS's reputation, it is rather expensive, and it's sound counsel to eschew aggregate student debt exceeding the salary of your expected first job out of school. That's why it's tough for me to decide. Missouri State has a Defense and Strategic Studies program located in Fairfax, and they've offered me a full ride plus stipend. DC networking is a priceless intangible benefit. Problem is, MizzState's program is relatively unknown. I've heard it said that one's alma mater is quintessential to the first job after school. However, from there on out one's career depends primarily on job performance and networks therein, rather than old schoolmates.

If Monterey is my choice, I'll be going for the Master's in Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies under Potter and Wehling. They've offered me a research job at CNS, a merit scholarship, a fellowship to the immersive language program this summer, and being part of Middlebury is equivalent to Ivy League. I've always been a stickler for status, to my own detriment perhaps, but public service jobs don't really pay enough to warrant shelling out $50,000 or higher for a Master's. Your thoughts?


The Great Seagull

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Unfortunately I don't know anything more about the intelligence opportunities at MIIS, she had only heard the name of the school and it's reputation for being good.

I know what you mean about MIIS being expencive, but I think for me it is the right choice for several reasons. The location is nice, there are students from all over the world, many internship opportunities and I like being able to combine development studies with Spanish (as I did in my undergrad). Fortunately the Norwegian government has a good loan/scholarship offer for doing a master's abroad, and MIIS also offered me a scholarship, so although I will end up with a big load, to me it is worth it.

So Middlebury has a very good reputation? Equivalent to Ivy League? Can you explain? It sounds great, but being from Norway I have never heard of Middlebury (I have heard of Ivy League!), but of course the status of the school is quite important in finding a job!

Good luck with making a choice! When do you have to decide?

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