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A Hard Decision

Ron Hung

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Hi, all

I have got admission from Stanford MaterialScience and from Berkeley Chemical Engineering (Both MS degree)

Both of the schools are my dream schools,so here comes a dilemma: it’s so hard for me to make a decision between them

I need to gather more information to decide my graduate school, so if you know any news or esoteric information, please feel free to give me advices!

I made an easy comparison between Stanford MSE and Berkeley CHE, as following:

My Basic Information:

  • My undergraduate major is chemical engineering, and I wish to work in industry in the future (not doing research).
  • didn't take any material science related courses in university.
  • I am an international student without USA permanent residency
  • undergraduate research field: electrochemical supercapacitors, batteries

            Stanford                    Berkeley

Program      Material Science & Engineering       Chemical & Biochemical Engineering

           traditional material science courses   Product development program (established in 2006)

Length       normally two year                9 - 12 months

Credit required       45 units                  36 units

Internship        N/A                Students will have arranged internship in local company

Reputation       Wonderful                   Excellent

Tuition & fee     super expensive                expensive

The Big Game       ?????                    ????? (who wins often??)

Both of them are fantastic!

If you, which school will you choose and why?

please give me some suggestion! thank you!

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