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Middle Eastern Studies Admission Question


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I've been admitted to MA Middle Eastern Studies programs at University of Chicago and at the University of Texas at Austin. Assuming that my primary interests are the politics and history of the Arab world, as well as a desire to continue working on my Arabic, what school does the great and powerful message board recommend?

My ideal career path is something government-related, ideally overseas (Foreign Service, whatnot).

I know they're both strong programs, and it has been suggested to me that Chicago is particularly strong on the history aspects, while UT is inflected with a business orientation (which I have little interest in), and both are excellent linguistically. Can anyone speak to that?

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Hey! I also was admitted to the MA program at Chicago's CMES. I was talking to a grad student there and it seems that a lot of people go into this program in prep for a career in the CIA, NSA, FBI or state dept. And if I remember correctly there are joint degree options that are related to these sorts of careers, which might interest you. However, history definitely has a big draw as well! My own interests lie in history and Chicago is best for what I want to study (Ottoman Turkish), so I'm pretty sure I'll be heading out there in the fall. I can't speak for UT but maybe someone else can help you out there...

Is there a difference in funding? That might be something to consider.

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They offered me half-tuition at Chicago, which, combined with the general consensus on the program seems to be leaving them with the high hand at the moment. I've been having trouble finding people making the case for UT Austin, and I suppose I want to do my due diligence before making up my mind.

Anyone out there with knowledge of the CMES at UT with anything to say, either in defense or damnation?

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